Submit a Claim - Claim Instructions

If you qualify for a cash payment under any of the Settlements, you must complete and submit a valid Claim Form to receive benefits. Claim Forms must be submitted online or postmarked by November 8, 2021. Claims completed after the deadline will be deemed untimely and may not be accepted. Settlement Class Members can only submit one online Claim, regardless of the number of Settlements the Class Member may be a part of.

How to Submit Online:

Online submission is available to all Settlements, and you may claim for multiple Settlements, as applicable, in your online submission.

Submit using your Unique ID: To start your Claim, please log in with the Unique ID found on the Notice, sent by the Class Administrator, you may have received by email or postcard.

Submit without a Unique ID: Click the 'Start a New Claim' button below if you do not recall receiving an email or postcard, or lost it.

How to Submit via Mail:

You may also submit your Claim Forms via regular mail. Copies of the TCA/3M Claim Form can be downloaded from here, and copies of the OCTA Claim Form can be downloaded here. Claim Forms submitted by mail must be postmarked on or before November 8, 2021 and sent to one of the addresses below:

TCA/3M Settlements OCTA Settlement

Toll Roads Class Administrator
P.O. Box 3639
Portland, OR 97208-3639

91 Express Lanes Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 3639
Portland, OR 97208-3639

Remember, all claims must be submitted by November 8, 2021.